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Destiny's Best Heavy Weapon Gets Parody Commercial

For many Destiny players, there are few more reliable additions to your arsenal than the Exotic rocket launcher, Gjallarhorn. In case you weren't yet sold on the mega weapon, however, Youtube's Mr. Fruit Gaming Channel has crafted an infomercial that lays the weapon's strengths out in black and white.

Okay, I'll admit it, I have no idea how to actually pronounce Gjallarhorn. Mr. Fruit Gaming is apparently in the same boat, as he utilizes nearly every pronunciation imaginable throughout his three-minute commercial for Destiny's uber weapon.

From its spiffy wolf-themed design to its tracking capabilities, splitting payloads and massive solar damage, the Gjallarhorn packs one mean punch. Whether you're stuck in a jam or simply want to dish out some mega damage from afar, this single rocket launcher is a nightmare for the Vex, Fallen and all other alien races threatening the survival of humanity.

If you've seen those videos of people cheesing their way through Raids solo, there's a good chance that part of their tactics relied on this hefty weapon, which is one of the rarer pieces of firepower you can grab in the game. Some people call it OP while others just call it the ultimate cheese factor but, for the most part, those people are only saying that because they really, really want a Gjallarhorn of their own.

“Watch this video at your own risk...Includes game breaking material that will no doubt be patched soon. You can try and acquire such power while it's still available though,” reads the video's short description. “Gjallarhorn is so OP. The end.”

I get the team at Bungie wanting to put some supremely powerful guns in the game, but sometimes they throw in something that feels so unbalanced I have to scratch my head in confusion. And even with “normalized” damage and whatnot in competitive play, I imagine the Gajillabjornarorn is still the go-to heavy exotic for players who have it. While it might not pack quite the same punch in those modes, its other advantages are still undeniable. And can you imagine how far this thing tips the scales in the Iron Banner?

So now we're going to throw it to you, dear readers. Anyone out there enjoying a Gjallahorn of their own? Is there a heavy weapon you actually prefer over this one? More importantly, do you feel a sense of shame when using it against other human players, you cruel monster?

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.