There have been a lot of talk about whether or not Bungie would be able to hit native 1920 x 1080p for the Xbox One with Destiny, the first-person sci-fi shooter due out this September. The beta will be relegated to 900p for the Xbox One, but Bungie wanted to prove that they can, in fact, get the game to manage at 1080p for the final release, as indicated with the footage above.

In an IGN first, the outlet managed to get some exclusive content for Destiny and roll it out for the public to see. One of the clips – such as the one above – denotes the progress Bungie has made on the game since the announcement about the beta being 900p, and it's explained that using the June XDK and 10% GPU reserve that was freed up from disabling the Kinect's skeletal tracking system, the team was able to hit native 1080p on the Xbox One.

Speaking with Bungie's graphics engineer, Chris Tchou, IGN was able to squeeze out some info on how the 1080p standard became possible, with Tchou explaining...
“[Destiny] runs at the same resolution [and] frame-rate as the PS4. We basically got together with Microsoft, and got a bunch of engineers here to work on optimizing and taking advantage of the system reserve. Basically that extra GPU time that Microsoft gave us – and yeah, we got it up to 1080p.“

The issue of the beta only being 900p led many to believe that Destiny would fall victim to other releases that were also sub-1080p at release but the developers claimed that they would attempt to get the game up to 1080p, but never did.

The above scenario happened with EA Sports UFC, where the creative director noted that they would look into trying to get the game to hit 1080p since the demo was only 900p, but they never did.

The issue also plagued Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall, which ran at 792p during the beta and the team claimed that they would attempt to boost the resolution by release, however that never actually happened.

Bungie really want to turn the negative tide against the Xbox One's performance woes by working closely with Microsoft to help the game achieve full HD, just like the PlayStation 4. A lot of the issues with resolution and frame-rate spawn from the system's weaker GPU. A hardware issue that can't be fixed. However, Microsoft is working with developers as much as possible on the software side to optimize where they can, as evidenced by Bungie getting Destiny up from 900p during the upcoming beta to 1080p for the game's launch.

Destiny will officially head into beta for the Xbox platforms on July 23rd this week, exclusively for those who pre-ordered the game. You can check out a class guide to help you choose which character might best suit your play-style.

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