Doom Coming For PS4, Xbox One, PC, Runs 1080p At 60fps

Bethesda had id Software's executive producer Marty Stratton take to the stage at this year's QuakeCon to announce Doom. It's not called Doom 4, it doesn't have a catchy subtitle or some re-imagined take on the series that requires Doom X or Doom 2000 or Doom: Super Turbo Edition, it's just called Doom and it's going to be the original game made with today's technology.

Bethesda and id Software unveiled over 10 minutes of footage to an uproarious audience who shook the rafters and rattled the building with their voices, if the tweets from the people in attendance are anything to go by.

However, anyone unlucky enough to be watching the live-stream was met with a “Sorry, and goodbye” from Bethesda during the live stage presentation. The fallout and fanboy crying that took place on Twitch will make for some good laughs for anyone who managed to screen cap it.

According to a detailed recount of the event by Polygon, we find out that the game is literally just a retelling of the original Doom where the UAC base is attacked by hell-spawns and players will fight tooth and nail to stay alive in a fast-paced, first-person shooter experience.

According to Polygon's tale, there were chainsaws, shotguns and melee attacks galore. It sounds as if procedural gib is the order of the day. By that, I mean that the article describes players as being able to use directional attacks with the chainsaws to dismember, disembowel, decapitate and decimate the legions from hell. If this isn't just quick-time results but actual gameplay mechanics then that could be really, really cool.

The article also describes players being able to use severed limbs to access key panels; acquiring special power-ups in order to clear large gaps, platform hop or strategically get a tactical advantage on enemies by leaping over them.

Dying seems like it could also be the order of the day. The article mentions that players would made quick work of at the hands of a flying demon.

Escapist's Andrea Rene took all the gore, gibs and mutilation in with this response...

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Unfortunately, all who attended the event had to leave their camera and recording devices at the door. So there were no leaks, no pictures, no videos, no photos. Bethesda only wanted the QuakeCon crowd to experience Doom first hand for the eighth-gen consoles and PC.

According to an article on Venture Beat, the game is being designed to target native 1080p. Due to the nature of the gameplay, it's being said that Doom is locked at 60 frames per second in order to emulate the same fast-paced thrills from the original 1993 release.

I'm not really sure how true it is, but Dean Takahashi mentions that this new version of the game will be running on id Tech 6. Polygon indirectly affirms this by noting that Bethesda's Pete Hines did reveal that the original Doom 4 assets that leaked were part of a game that had been scrapped. This new Doom is an entirely new game built from the ground-up for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC, and has been designed to recapture the fun and brutal gruesomeness that put id Software on the map back in the early and mid 1990s.

Also, the game won't be cross-generational.

Will Usher

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