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Destiny PS4 And PS3 Exclusive Content For Dark Below Revealed

Destiny's first expansion The Dark Below will be a bit larger on PS4 and PS3. Today Sony revealed the exclusive extras they lined up for the DLC on those platforms.

PS4 and PS3 owners will get exclusive access to "The Undying Mind," a three-player cooperative Strike. This mission centers around a Vex Mind hidden deep within Mars. Players will return to the Black Garden to destroy this threat.

"When The Undying Mind is threatened, its ancient creators step through time portals to defend it, ensuring that it will continue to thrive until the Vex once again control the Black Garden," says the official description of this mission (via PlayStation Blog.

The other bonus for PlayStation gamers is the Fourth Horseman. This Exotic weapon has the fastest rate of fire of any shotgun in the game. It looks powerful, too, with four barrels that spew Arc damage. The gun holds five shots and its Final Round upgrade causes bonus damage on the fifth. Its other upgrade, Return to Sender, adds bonus ammunition to the weapon's magazine on a kill.

This isn't the first time that PS4 and PS3 owners have been favored in Destiny. They received an exclusive Strike called Dust Palace and a competitive map called Exodus Blue at launch. Players on these consoles also have access to three ships, two weapons, and three sets of armor not available on Xbox One or Xbox 360.

There's a time limit on this special treatment but it's very far away. The PlayStation exclusives for Destiny's launch and The Dark Below can be released on Xbox One consoles no earlier than Fall 2015. In other words, the exclusivity period is longer than many players will actually stick with Destiny.

The Dark Below expands Destiny with several activities. Players can undertake new Story missions that pit them against the Hive. This war will culminate in a three-player Strike and a six-player Raid. The Crucible, meanwhile, offers three new maps for players to compete in. By experiencing this new content, players will earn new equipment that can raise their Light level to the new cap of 32.

Bungie will release The Dark Below on December 9th. They've been releasing large patches over the past few weeks in preparation. These updates have expanded voice chat and fixed Exotic weapons, among other changes.

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Pete Haas

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