With a massive list of 48 games announced and confirmed so far for the PlayStation 4, who would have thought that just a day later even more games would be confirmed? Well, more games are being confirmed and will continue to be confirmed up to and past Sony's E3 conference. The latest game to join the list of 48 titles announced for the PS4 is FromSoftware's Destiny of Spirits.

Gamepur spotted a detailed post from PSMania where they roll out some information on FromSoftware's new title that hasn't officially been announced yet. Still, another game tossed into the ever-growing line-up of quality software scheduled to be made available for the PlayStation 4 is making Sony's new console look ever-more impressive.

As noted in the leak...
* Embark on a crusade through the twisted wastes of the Empyrean, an open world like no other
* Battle monstrous gods and their minions in challenging, skill-driven combat
* Play cooperatively online with up to three other companions, or haunt the worlds of strangers
* Gather materials, build weapons and items from scratch, and customize your gear
* Designed from the ground up for the next-generation PlayStation 4 console
* Take the Empyrean anywhere with PlayStation Vita Remote Play functionality

The skill-driven combat...I really hope that means 'combat close to From's own Dark Souls or maybe Capcom's Dragon's Dogma', because games that actually have skill driven combat are about as commonplace as a middle-aged politician who hasn't cheated on his wife, about as frequent as a bipartisan speech from Rush Limbaugh, or about as expected as a sane comment from John Mayer.

Now, FromSoftware's library of games throughout the seventh generation of gaming has been rather hit and miss. They kind of seem like they have their favorites and then they have their cash-ins...let's hope Destiny of Spirits isn't a cash-in.

You can look for more info on this game to drop this Monday during Sony's E3 press conference late in the evening. We'll keep you posted on any additional information on the game once it becomes available.

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