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Destiny The Taken King's Live-Action Trailer Confronts Oryx

Destiny's first major expansion, The Taken King, is set to arrive this Tuesday, Sept. 15, and it promises to offer the toughest fight Guardians have come up against thus far. To celebrate, a new live-action trailer has gone live that introduces a particularly brave Fireteam to the alien deity, Oryx.

I'm fairly certain that the Oryx fight will go down in The Taken King's new Raid, which arrives just three short days after the standard DLC content drops. In other words, you're likely going to want to tackle this particular bad boy with a full team of six, not three. Either way, this Warlock, Titan and Hunter seem eager to tackle the challenge head-on.

I really enjoy what Bungie and Activision are doing with these live action commercials for Destiny. The two that have been released so far inject the fun and humor a good cooperative session in the game tends to offer, rather than making Destiny look like yet another dreary first-person shooter. I still say that the Fireteam from this latest trailer is doomed, but at least they'll go out having a good time.

Along with a Guardians of the Galaxy-esque firefight between a Titan and a bunch of Taken enemies, we get a chance to see big papa Oryx take the stage to challenge his uninvited guests. It's a brief bit of action, but it's definitely a welcome change of pace from the in-game footage we've been bombarded by this past month. Don't get me wrong: It's great seeing a developer excited for their product and actually sharing lots of details before launch, but sometimes a lighthearted detour can be fun, too.

In case you've missed out on all of those earlier updates, Oryx has come to Earth bent on seeking revenge for the death of his son, Crota. To build an army, he's literally taking control of all sorts of standard Destiny baddies, making them meaner and giving them new abilities to boot. With this “taken” army, Oryx has come to humanity's last city with total destruction in mind. Come Sept. 15, you'll be tasked with stopping him.

And because I'm all about bonus content, I thought I'd refresh everyone's memory concerning that first live action trailer for Destiny I alluded to earlier. It's a bit longer than the one for The Taken King and manages to hit all of the same high notes. Enjoy.

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