Square Enix will be releasing Deus Ex: Human Revolution's first downloadable content today. The "Missing Link" DLC now available through Xbox Live and should hit PSN and Steam by the end of the day.

In "The Missing Link," Adam Jensen has been captured by Belltower agents. They've disabled his augmentations so in order to escape their freighter, Jensen will need to rely on his wits and whatever equipment he can scavenge. The add-on will expose a new layer of the conspiracy that players encountered in the main single-player campaign.

"We are thrilled to bring Deus Ex: The Human Revolution - The Missing Link to fans," said David Anfossi, producer of the DLC. "This unique DLC provides an enhanced Deus Ex: The Human Revolution experience with deeper insight into the conspiracy, visual improvements, new characters and enemies, and a twist on some gameplay elements."

"Link" will cost 1200 ($15) MS Points to download. It's said to add four to six hours of additional gameplay, which sounds pretty substantial by DLC standards.

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