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A day after Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's first details and screenshots leaked, Eidos Montreal has officially announced the game. The debut trailer for Mankind Divided gives us some valuable insight into the story of the futuristic adventure.

"The game takes place in 2029, two years after the events of Human Revolution and the infamous ‘Aug Incident’ in Panchaea, which ended the golden era of human augmentation," said executive game director Jean-Francois Dugas on PlayStation.Blog. "These terrible events scarred the world and caused augmented people to be segregated and deemed as outcasts."

Some of these augmented people have decided to strike back. In the trailer, we learn that a group is launching terrorist attacks throughout the world. The ensuing war between augmented and "normal" people is being manipulated behind the scenes by the Illuminati, a secret society intent on controlling the world.

Adam Jensen, Human Revolution's protagonist, is the hero of this game as well. Dugas describes Jensen as a "counter-terrorism agent playing by his own rules." He's obviously a bit conflicted by the current events. On the one hand, he's an augmented individual and doesn't want to see them slaughtered. On the other hand, he also doesn't agree with the terrorist attacks launched against innocents by fellow augmented people. In the trailer, he single-handedly fights both sides.

Fighting a one-man war won't be easy but thankfully Jensen has plenty of new weapons at his disposal. Mankind Divided's first trailer shows him firing energy blasts and electric darts from his hands. He still has his arm blades from the previous game, though this time around he can even fire them like crossbow bolts.

There are a couple of other interesting augmentations teased in the trailer. At one point, he zips across a room in a bolt of energy. Later, when an enemy fires a grenade at him, his skin turns metal to absorb the blast.

"We are fully committed to creating an uncompromising Deus Ex experience: choice and consequence is at the heart of everything we do, whether it be for story, gameplay, customization or exploration," Dugas said. "As you can imagine, we will have quite a lot to show you in the coming months."

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is in development for PS4, Xbox One and PC. In today's announcement, Eidos Montreal didn't mention a release date. That suggests we might not see the game until next year at the earliest.
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