Aspiring game designers, artists and engineers are being encouraged to enter into Unity Technologies new contest that asks those within the industry to provide examples, flyby scenes or a game demo utilizing both DirectX 11 and the Unity 4 Engine for a chance to grab $10,000, which could be just enough to get started on a game project.

The competition will see participants submitting an original work that can range from anything as simple as a shader demonstration (e.g., iCEnhancer or ENB series style mods), a flyby scene (using an original creation or stage design), environment showcase or even an effects demonstration similar to the particle effects on display during the Luminous Engine or Unreal Engine 4 showcase at this past year's E3.

Submissions can be done either by a single individual or a team effort – which would probably be the better way to go about it – but any team effort will require all participants to be named on the registration so credit goes where credit is due. No need to repeat what happened between I-Deal Games and Topware Interactive with Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire.

If you're worried that you may have a bunch of cool stuff to showcase but you're not sure which one to submit, you can submit multiple entries and the use of external assets are permitted so long as you have permission from the original authors to use their work in your submission. The basic rule, however, is that the project must be made within Unity 4 and must make use of some DirectX 11 exclusive feature.

You can learn more about the contest or the Unity 4 Engine by paying a kind visit to the Official Unity Website.

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