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The top retailers in North America will each be offering their own set of pre-order bonuses for steampunk assassination game Dishonored. There are five different sets of bonuses available so you've got some research to do.

Most of the pre-order incentives are stat bonuses for your character. However, there are a few physical extras up for grabs as well, including a USB lamp and Tarot cards. Here's a run-down of what each retailer is offering:
  • GameStop – Arcane Assassin Downloadable Upgrade Pack & Dishonored Tarot cards
  • Best Buy – Shadow Rat Downloadable Upgrade Pack & Whale Oil USB Lamp
  • Amazon – Backstreet Butcher Downloadable Upgrade Pack
  • Walmart – Acrobatic Killer Downloadable Upgrade Pack
  • Target – Smart Phone Dishonored Decal
The common problem with pre-order bonuses is that they force players to miss out on certain content. For example, if you pre-ordered through Walmart, you won't get access to any of the bonuses offered by other retailers. Still, the in-game DLC up for grabs here simply boosts your character's stats. It's not like you're missing out on extras missions or something. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if Bethesda bundled up all these upgrade packs and offered them to players post-launch (albeit for a price).

Dishonored will launch worldwide in October.

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