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Dota 2 Mod Helps Arachnophobes Tolerate Broodmother

A Dota 2 player terrified by the prospect of facing Broodmother in matches won't have to live in fear anymore. A fellow player has created a mod to make the hulking spider look much less intimidating in the PC game.

"So Broodmother scares the shit out of me and makes me feel really strange," the arachnophobic player admitted on Reddit yesterday.

I can't say I blame the guy. I'm not an arachnophobe but I still find Broodmother a bit unsettling, even if she's on my team. Here's some footage of her in action:

Unfortunately for this player, Broodmother may become a much more common sight in online matches. The newest patch, 6.79, boosts her strength quite a bit. Her Spin Web ability's area-of-effect and range have both been increased. She can also move across cliffs, trees and other obstacles while within her web.

"With the new patch I expect a lot of broodmother and everything from the webs to the heroes model to the freaky voice terrify me and i'll be taking an abandon and low priority every time she's chosen against me," the player continued. "Are there any mods that turn her into a fluffy kitten with a cute voice and an area of rainbows that make her go invisible? And she can spawn more kittens?"

After seeing the Reddit post, Dota 2 player Cyborgmatt immediately started working on a mod for Broodmother. He released his creation hours later. The mod disables Broodmother's voice. More importantly, it turns her into a giant frog with a top hat and her spiderlings into tiny frogs. Broodmother's portrait and ability images, meanwhile, are now pictures of kittens. The webs have been changed into translucent kitten heads. Damn fine work, Cyborgmatt.

If you're interested in running the mod, you can download it here. The instructions for installing it are through the link.

Dota 2 officially launched through Steam this summer. The MOBA is free to download and play.

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Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.