Double Fine's Broken Age Cast Includes Jack Black, Jennifer Hale

Double Fine has announced the voice talent for their upcoming adventure Broken Age. They've managed to assemble an impressive cast of actors that worked on many of their previous titles including Brutal Legend and Psychonauts.

Jack Black of Tenacious D fame will play Harm'ny Lightbeard, the lifter of clouds. Jennifer Hale, who played FemShep in Mass Effect and Bastila Shen in Knights of the Old Republic, has been cast as Mom. Black and Hale co-starred in Brutal Legend, the heavy metal fantasy adventure released by Double Fine in 2009.

The cast also include key actors from several other Double Fine titles. Richard Horvitz, Raz from Psychonauts, is the Space Weaver. Grey DeLisle and Cree Summer, who played Zaulia and the Dominatrices in Brutal Legend, are Levina and Teledoor. Marshal Dune is played by Nick Jameson, perhaps best known for his role as Max in Sam and Max Hit The Road.

“We have been so lucky over the last 13 years to work with the best actors in the industry, and now we’re calling them back for a kind of family reunion," said voice director Khris Brown on Double Fine's website. "It’s like a big, Thanksgiving dinner, except everything’s being recorded. And everyone you’re related to is a super-talented actor. And the food’s really healthy because you’re in LA.”

Double Fine also hired several new faces to fill out the cast:

Kristen Sarkisian as RockyDavid Kaufman as MarekCatherine Cavadini as Car'lJohn Cygan as SpoonHynden Walch as Ch'tKate Higgins as Yarn Pal #2Jamieson Price as Rommel

Broken Age is a point-and-click adventure that depicts two parallel worlds. In the fantasy realm, players take on the role of a girl who has been chosen to be sacrificed. The sci-fi world story centers around a boy living on a spaceship with only a maternal A.I. to keep him company. The game is being written and designed by Tim Schafer.

Double Fine raised $3.3 million through Kickstarter last year to fund the game's development. In July, they announced that they were splitting Broken Age into two parts. The first half will be released by January 2014 and released through Steam Early Access. The proceeds from Steam Early Access will then be used to help fund the second half of the game.

"Even though we received much more money from our Kickstarter than we, or anybody anticipated, that didn’t stop me from getting excited and designing a game so big that it would need even more money," Schafer said of the decision. "I think I just have an idea in my head about how big an adventure game should be, so it’s hard for me to design one that’s much smaller than Grim Fandango or Full Throttle. There’s just a certain amount of scope needed to create a complex puzzle space and to develop a real story. At least with my brain, there is."

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.