Dungeons And Dragons: Chronicles Of Mystara Trailer Profiles The Dwarf

A Dungeons and Dragons game isn't true Dungeons and Dragons without a dwarf. Fortunately, one of the playable characters in Capcom's Chronicles of Mystara is one of these stocky gem-monkeys.

The Dwarf wields an axe and shield. He has no ranged attack or magic to speak of. However, he makes up for it with his high stamina and strength. It's the perfect character for someone who wants to be on the front lines.

Chronicles of Mystara is a remake of two old arcade beat'em ups, Tower of Doom and Shadow over Mystara. Up to four players will journey through the realm, battling dragons, trolls, and other traditional D&D baddies. Other playable characters include a Cleric, Elf and Fighter.

It's a surprisingly complex game for a beat 'em up. Characters can acquire new items and spells to equip through the campaign. The game also has multiple endings and branching paths - rarities in the arcade scene. The controls are more complex than usual for the genre, with players able to dodge and block and crouch.

The remake features remastered visuals. It also modernizes the game with drop-in/drop-out co-op and leaderboards. A full set of extras can be unlocked through gameplay. The feature set is similar to that of two other remakes, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition and Darkstalkers Resurrection. Iron Galaxy is the studio responsible for updating all three games.

Mystara will hit Xbox Live, PSN and PC this June.

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