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E3 2012: New Generation SimCity Coming To PC February, 2013

EA ran through a number of games this past E3, 10 in total. One of those games happens to be a brand new, new-generation of the highly popular Maxis title, SimCity. The game is being designed and reworked from the ground up for today's generation of gamer.

Instead of just talking about a brand new engine and the tech powering the game, EA spent more time showing off what the game had to offer, especially in regards to the graphical interface, the ease of use and the comical, visual aesthetics that tie it all together. Check it out in the trailer below.

It's really hard to tell right now what to expect from the game or whether or not it will be as hardcore as previous entries in the series. SimCity games were never particularly easy to get into but this generation has seen a lot of core games become more casualized in order to open up their appeal to a broader audience. I certainly can't complain because I used to get my butt handed to me all the time in SimCity 2000.

You can also check out a brand new extended gameplay trailer below, which helps compliment the above debut trailer.

SimCity, exclusively for PC, is set for release sometime in February next year. No word of whether it will be Origin exclusive or whether or not it will be laced with any additional forms of intrusive DRM. Need to learn more? Feel free to visit EA's Official SimCity Website.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.