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During this year's Nintendo E3 press conference we were treated to a number of game reveals, one of which was a game people didn't know they should be highly anticipating: Pikmin 3. The game came out of nowhere but had a pretty interesting lead-in to the big revelation.

Shigeru Miyamoto did a fantastic and charismatic job of introducing gamers to the latest Pikmin title and it's a wonder why Nintendo doesn't use this legendary and humble icon more often, he definitely brings a strong stage and character presence with him wherever he goes, as evidence in the following gameplay walkthrough for Pikmin 3, which you can check out below.

Miyamoto, oftentimes referred to as Mr. Nintendo, did a fantastic job of exemplifying what makes the Wii U and its software stand out with the detailed walkthrough of Pikmin 3. I wish the rest of Nintendo's conference was as enthusiastic and original as the presentation for Pikmin 3...oh, how we can dream.

Still, having the integration of traditional real-time strategy with the Wii U GamePad display functions really helps set the experience apart from other typical strategy games that try to accommodate their control scheme to the lacking versatility of the standard console control pad.

It will be interesting to see more games make use of the Wii U's features and create some really astounding gameplay experiences. Pikmin 3 is due out exclusively for the Wii U this fall.

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