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LucasArts brought their latest third-person action game Star Wars 1313 to E3 this week and showed off some of the gameplay footage. Though past experience have caused gamers to be nervous about every Star Wars game, 1313 actually looks pretty solid.

Star Wars 1313 stars a bounty hunter on the city planet of Coruscant. The title refers to level 1313, one of the many subterranean levels of the planet's cityscape. It's not clear why the bounty hunter or his partner are here, but they quickly run into trouble while their ship descends through Coruscant.

In one gameplay clip, the player character blasts a few enemies in a cover-based shooter segment. After that, he and his partner jump to another ship and climb along its damaged wing. We don't know enough about the gameplay mechanics at work here to comment on how fun this will all be, but goddamn it looks amazing. Supposedly LucasArts enlisted Industrial Light & Magic and Lucasfilm Animation for the game; the results of this collaboration are some amazingly polished visuals.

Star Wars 1313's release date and platforms are currently unknown.

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