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E3 2013: Battlefield 4 64-Player Deathmatch Video Brings Down A Skyscraper

EA gets a lot of crap thrown at them for throwing a lot of anti-consumer crap at gamers. Well, one of the saving graces of EA is that they have DICE doing a lot of grand fantastic work for them and their latest first-person shooter, Battlefield 4, really knocked it out of the box during EA's E3 conference by showcasing some of the most spectacular multiplayer gameplay footage you will ever see.

The video seems pretty slick because it's all real-time, it's all dynamic, it's all happening as you're watching it. The pan-over of the players actually playing and the in-game footage showcasing all the action unfolding just as you're watching it happens to be a rather mind-blowing affair and actually hearkens back to what used to make E3 so amazing: the games.

I'm also so happy that EA and DICE have the confidence to put so much faith in the efficiency of Frostbite 3 to do a real-time stage demo like that. No smoke and mirrors like some of those other conferences whose names I shall not name...but if I were a real douche I would say the May 21st reveal of the Xbox One.

Anyway, the part that really got to me was how seamless the multiplayer plays out. I'm glad there's a much stronger team focus this time around that also adds single-player style objectives for small squads. The entire play-through looked fresh and exhilarating and dynamic and organic – it's something we don't often see with multiplayer games that are so intent on recycling formulaic trends and tried-and-true methods of gameplay mechanics.

Finally – and I'm going to wrap this up because I could write about Battlefield 4's multiplayer all freaking day long – the skyscraper collapse was immeasurably entertaining. I really hope to the Dorito Pope that that was legit and will be in the game when it ships.

If you're digging what EA and DICE are selling, feel free to learn more about their software pimping over on the official Battlefield 4 website. The game is set for release on current gen consoles, next-gen consoles and the system they were actually playing the game on in real-time with AMD's Malta in Crossfire...the PC.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.