The Dead Rising 3 rumor-mill is open for business once again. The game is listed in the LinkedIn resume of a rigging supervisor at Blur Studio as well as two other employees.

Blur Studio is a California-based company that has created CGI trailers for numerous games. Recent examples include Dishonored and PlanetSide 2. They also made those awesome Star Wars: The Old Republic cinematic trailers.

Jeremie Passerin's resume (via All Games Beta) says he's been working for the company for the past year. That means the Dead Rising 3 trailer was made sometime during that period. That makes it less likely that DR3 is some old project that Capcom has since discarded.

Is this just a typo on his resume? It seems unlikely. We poked around and found two other LinkedIn resumes from Blur Studio employees that mention Dead Rising 3.

We last heard rumors of Dead Rising 3 in December 2011. A report claimed that the game was set in the fictional city of Los Perdidos, California. It's said to star a mechanic named Rick with self-esteem issues.

Capcom has yet to announce DR3 formally. However, If the CGI trailer for the game is in the works or done then an official reveal isn't far off.

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