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E3 2013: Mad Max Is Not Based On The Films, Sports Customizable Vehicles

One of the big worries about the upcoming Mad Max game from Just Cause 2 outlet Avalanche Studios, is whether it would be Max based on Mel Gibson's films or Max based on the upcoming Tom Hardy re-sequel. Well, the good news is that Avalanche is not making it a movie tie-in and they have revealed some pretty awesome features for the title.

Eurogamer's Jeffrey Matulef managed to get some first-hand experience with the upcoming next-gen, open-world vehicular combat title and it appears to be shaping up to be quite the game.

There's some intense melee combat involving bricks, knives, electric prods and even the sawed off shotgun. Speaking of guns, the game will include sniping, closed-quarters projectile combat as well as the ability to take down foes using a bit of stealth.

The real highlight of Mad Max, however, is the Magnum Opus, Max's brand new ride. Players will be able to customize, upgrade and modify the Opus to suit their road warrior needs, not unlike Ubisoft's upcoming The Crew. Need some harpoons on your ride? No problem. Need some nitrous on your ride? Done and done. Need some Dorito and Dew? Ask the Pope.

In addition to this, there will be a strong focus on open-road combat, so players will have to use their wits to stay alive but will also get some cool cinematic combat experiences, like a slow-mo shotgun blast to the face if enemies get too close to your ride.

The preview on Eurogamer doesn't detail it, but it sounds like scavenging will play some part in the experience as well, and much like GTA players will have a wide array of possibilities and options in which to tackle each and every mission. Sounds legit.

You can keep an eye out for more information as it becomes available over on the official Avalanche Studios website.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.