Hey, you really like Just Cause 2 but wish you could face off against hundreds of other people in faction-based warfare using vehicles, weapons and mechanics from the standard game? Well, the lead designer behind the Just Cause 2 multiplayer beta is making it a reality.

While Avalanche Studios isn't helping out with the beta, they're certainly still offering an auspicious outlook and a measure of support for the project. Basically, with the addition of Faction Wars, Just Cause 2 turns into a really, really, really big version of Battlefield.

So here's how it works, as outlined on the official JC2 MP website: You've got multiple factions you can join. Factions have their own designated colors for equipment and vehicles, so you'll always know who's who whether they're running around or flying in the air.

The whole point of Faction Wars is equivalent in play to something like Planetside 2. Players will have to get their faction organized and aimed at controlling territory, very similar to the single-player portions of Just Cause 2 when it was all about stripping control from the bad guys.

It's also cool because if you control a territory in the Faction Wars, you can spawn back into that territory if/when you die. Enabling you to help out your buddies on the fly. There are also five different character classes to play, including Medic, Infiltrator, Sniper, Assault and Support.

I'm beyond impressed with the work of the JC2 MP Beta community. This is unbelievable. The best part about it is that the multiplayer beta is free to access if you have a legitimate copy of Just Cause 2. You can learn more by visiting the official JC-MP website, and we'll keep you posted the next time an open beta is underway.

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