E3 2014: Doom 4 Trailer Unleashes The Cyberdemon

Bethesda didn't bring Fallout 4 to E3 2014 but they did show off another highly anticipated title: Doom 4. The first trailer brings back a familiar foe and teases the story.

The CGI trailer opens on a bleak landscape. Presumably it's the surface of Mars, the setting of several other games in the series.

"We were standing on the edge of discovery," says the voiceover. "A powerful technology with infinite possibilities. Instead, we let them in. We infused a holy union of flesh and metal. Now this brave new world has gone to Hell."

It's unclear what connection Doom 4 has to the other games. It could be a continuation of the story from Doom 3, which rebooted the series. It may also be the start of a brand-new narrative. Either way, the general formula is probably intact: mankind accidentally unleashes the forces of Hell. The player is the poor bastard who has to stop them.

While the voiceover plays, we see close up shots of a creature. Horns. Muscles. Glowing machinery.

Eventually a door opens to reveal that this monster is a cyberdemon. The cyberdemon is a boss enemy from the very first Doom. It's basically a minotaur with cybernetic implants and rocket launcher for an arm. They're not fun to fight but it seems you'll be facing down at least one in Doom 4.

On a side note, it sounds like they used the door noise from the original Doom in this trailer. Nice touch. Hope they're not planning to use it in the game, too. That sound effect really hasn't aged well.

Unfortunately, this teaser trailer is all we'll get for now. Bethesda and developer id Software are waiting until QuakeCon 2014 for a fuller reveal. QuakeCon will run from July 17th to 20th in Dallas, Texas.

Still, even this trailer is a big deal. It doesn't have any gameplay or even the full title of the game but it's the first officially released asset. The game's been in development since 2008. The game's been delayed so long at this point that I think a lot of gamers have just forgotten about it. This trailer and the QuakeCon reveal could put Doom 4 back on shooter fans' radars, though.

Further down the line, id will launch a multiplayer beta for Doom 4 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Vouchers for the beta were given to gamers who pre-ordered Wolfenstein: The New Order. The website suggests that there may be other ways to get into the beta as well.

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Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.