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Earth Defense Force 2025 Crawls Onto PS3 Next February

EDF! EDF! EDF! That's right, the Earth Defense Force is back, baby, and it's scheduled to crash land on the PlayStation 3 in February 2014, bringing all of the ridiculous weapons and slightly more ridiculous insect enemies you could ever hope for.

Made official this afternoon over on the PlayStation Blog, Earth Defense Force 2025 will be making its way to the US early next year, complete with all of the requisite pre-order bonuses and planned DLC.

According to Product Manager Kaori Takasue, US and European bug-crushers can expect to receive all of the DLC Japanese gamers are already enjoying, as well as any future DLC still coming down the pipeline. For starters, anyone who pre-orders EDF 2025 from GameStop will net themselves a special weapon pack at no additional charge, featuring a Pure Decoy Launcher and the BMO3 Vegalta Gold.

Fans of the series will know that the weapons you get to use in the game range from the run-of-the-mill (shotguns, sniper riffles, machine guns) to the extraordinary (laser cannons, mech suits, all manner of rocket launchers). These GameStop pre-orders fall neatly in line with that second group of gear. The Pure Decoy Launcher shoots out giant inflatable maid dolls that draw in the enemy and then self destruct. The BMO3, however, is a special gold-coated version of a series staple that allows you to fly short distances, reflect radar waves and blast your enemies with fire.

Earth Defense Force 2025 stays true to what you liked most about EDF 2017, but now features more than 700 weapons, dozens more missions, four-player online multiplayer, high-powered vehicles and numerous upgrades that you'll need to see to believe,” said Takasue.

The post goes on to highlight some additional weapon DLC packs that have already arrived in Japan, and should be available shortly following launch here in the States. The first is the Fencer Weapons Pack, which includes the Ifrit rocket launcher and Blood Storm, another launcher with rounds that separate midair and pepper the landscape with death and destruction.

And then there's the Wind Diver Weapons Pack, which includes the Reflectron Laser and the Gleipnir. That first one blasts enemies with a very precise laser while the second shoots out balls of energy that continuously damage the insect scum stupid enough to try to attack a city being protected by the EDF.

The final bit of DLC to get some early info is the Ranger Weapons Pack, which includes the Volatile Napalm and Pure Decoy Launcher (Mian). The Napalm gun sets everything ablaze while the Decoy offers a new look for the adorable maid of death.

Look for all of that awesomeness, and more, to hit the PS3 in February.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.