Ellen Page Isn't Suing Over Beyond: Two Souls Nudity

Crisis averted, folks. Crisis averted. Ellen Page is not so pissed off about the nudity in Beyond: Two Souls that she would try to sue people over it after Sony failed miserably at censoring and keeping images, videos and articles off the internet gaming communities that proudly boasted such material.

A site called Crushable (yeah, we're going off the grid for this one) has reported on the update regarding the whole Beyond: Two Souls nudity thing.

So real quick, Eskimo Press, one of the sites that Sony contacted about removing the objectionable material from their website, originally noted that legal threats may have been fired regarding Ellen Page's 3D avatar having a bare naked body up and available for the entire world to molest with their filthy, fap-impetus eyes. After the Eskimo Press made this note, a lot of people took off and ran with it, but that's not really the case.

As featured on Eskimo Press, they had an updated article noting that Ellen Page isn't actually pursuing charges on Sony or Quantic Dream for a large portion of geek culture having midnight fap sessions to her naked 3D alter ego floating around the internet like a liquid dream, with a Sony rep stating...

"I made a mistake in our last correspondence. I mentioned legal issues, but I was wrong and therefore this case loses its point. "

Well that's good news. Great news, in fact.

Crushable notes that GameNGuide revealed the fact that Ellen Page's representatives from William Morris Endeavor never bothered releasing a public comment regarding the situation (as the whole thing was probably beneath the warrant of attention from Ms Page). That's also not to mention that the gaming community responded with a lot of positivity toward the nude photos of Page's character from Beyond: Two Souls, with some gamers exclaiming that it was a dream come true, especially considering that some of them are relegated to living in their mother's basements... and some of them look like this...

I'm pretty sure the publicists, Sony's PR reps and Page herself would agree that guys like the one in the photo above need to have some slack cut for them because allowing individuals like that fap-access to the photos just might keep some lady in real life from having to actually talk to that guy.

While the situation may have resolved itself without any explosions (from the legal side, that is... can't say there weren't any in the nerd kingdom... there were probably plenty... likely innumerable amounts of explosions), one would still have to wonder how damaging this might be to Ellen Page? It's now just a hop-click-and-Google search away from finding 3D nude photos representing the young actress. I'm also curious how Quantic Dream will come out of this and if it will hurt their chances to work with other Hollywood talent? Time will tell.

Anyways, I hear David Cage throws a mean midnight sock party and he has some artistic digital photos working as the centerpiece of the action... that sounds like a great way to round out the evening.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.