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Epic Fail: Microsoft Fails To Announce Xbox 720 At CES 2012

As if it really needs to be drilled home, Microsoft DID NOT announce a new console at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. The keynote intro came and went without even a whisper of a new console, despite a little bit of goading from Ryan Seacrest towards Microsoft's Steve Ballmer to reveal any additional info on products for 2012, there was nothing. I suppose their announcement about no longer doing keynote speeches or having booths at the show should have been a hint enough.

Late last year rumors spurred about the interwebs containing (now false) information about Microsoft announcing Windows 8 (which they did) as well as new tablet and phone OS information (which they did) and compatibility between Windows 8 and the new Xbox console (which they did not). Instead, they completely bypassed any talk about a new console and gamers will basically have to wait until a later date in order to receive legitimate information about the Xbox 720 or NextBox.

The reason just about everyone considered the CES 2012 event as a misstep for announcing the console is basically because it's just all wrong timing wise, and consumers would either have to wait until the end of the year to purchase the console or the console wouldn't arrive until the following year, making the announcement quite moot. However, when the rumor builds up enough momentum you at least have to see it through.

New rumors have surfaced, though, at places such as ZoKnowsGaming indicating that industry insiders are fervently assured that both Sony and Microsoft will make legitimate announcements for both the Xbox 720 and PS4 at the upcoming E3 2012 event. How likely is it to happen? Well, a lot more likely than Microsoft announcing anything gaming related and industry altering at CES 2012. The rumors also hold more weight considering that MS and Sony will desperately need something at this year's E3 to counter-act all the press and hype surrounding Nintendo's Wii U, which will be launching later this year.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.