Ubisoft is enlisting players to help polish up the multiplayer modes for Far Cry 3. They'll host a two-week beta test for the game on the PS3 and Xbox 360 during this summer.

Multiplayer matches in the beta will let up to sixteen players battle it out on a variety of maps and modes. Among the modes on display is Firestorm. In a Firestorm match, each team tries to light the opposing team's two supply depots on fire while defending their own depots. The spreading flames shape the battlefield by cutting off certain areas.

Ubisoft also mentioned a few other features you can expect in the multiplayer. Players can choose from dozens of weapons, each with customization options. Expect zip-lines, combat slides, barrel bombs and "psyche gas" as well. Looks like they're really cranking up the action movie silliness with this game.

The beta is open only to a select group of gamers. To guarantee yourself a spot in the test, you need to be a GameStop PowerUp Rewards member and have purchased Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. You'll receive an invitation code that can be redeemed at gamestop.com/code starting on May 22nd, the day that Future Soldier is released in North America. You'll be able to choose between testing the beta on the PS3 or Xbox 360, so presumably it doesn't matter what version of Future you bought.

You can also get beta keys through giveaways. For example, the official FC3 website will be handing out 500 keys. A few gaming sites will have keys to share as well.

The multiplayer for Far Cry 2 was fun but a little too traditional to be competitive with other shooters on the market. Maybe Ubisoft will be able to deliver a more unique experience this time around. Gamer feedback couldn't hurt in that effort.

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