The islands of Far Cry 3 are home to many unstable individuals. A new "Savages" trailer from Ubisoft reveals two of these characters, Vaas and Buck.

In FC3, the players take on the role of a tourist who came to these islands with friends. After some partying, these tourists quickly find out the dark side to this island. The main character, Jason Brody, must fight off the many unsavory types that inhabit it while searching for his girlfriend.

Insanity and chaos seem to be major themes of the game. The brutal, dog-eat-dog nature of the islands seems to wear away at its inhabitants. Vaas and Buck are far from the only crazies you'll encounter during your travels here.

In time, the islands seem to have an effect on Jason himself. The E3 gameplay video showed him hallucinating during an encounter with Vaas.

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