The intensity, the prestige, the honor, the sexiness...I'm not talking about the Oscars or ballroom dancing, I'm talking about Farm Machines Championships 2013 and it's aiming to make its way onto Steam via the Greenlight process.

The game features eight intense events as farmers the world around will compete for the honorable title of the World's Greatest Farmer in the Farm Machine Championships, showcasing the prestige and skill required to exercise extreme farming techniques and utilizing some of the sexiest farm equipment from 2012, including machinery like the Bergmann TSW 4190 S spreader or the Lamborghini R4 110 Italia. Yeah, this game gets legit. Check it out below.

Man, now this is how you get gaming done. This is what it's all about. Making wide sweeps to plant seeds, plowing like an ace and tilling the ground like a champion, that's what it's all about and Farm Machines Championships 2013 brings it all to life.

I'm sure many of you out there are tired of games where you actually have fun and do things you can't do in real life. Well, if you've always wanted to come home from work, well then you have stuff like Farming Simulator 2013. But if you wanted to come home from work and then work competitively, well then you have Farm Machines Championships 2013. Work you could do in real life but don't want to do has never been this much fun.

You can learn more or give this game an upvote or two by visiting the Official Steam Greenlight Page.

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