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Over this weekend EVO 2013 is taking place right now and if you're reading this while the news is fresh you can get in on some good deals on some Mad Catz fightsticks as well as a recently released fighting game for mobile devices.

Fighter Attitude recently released released for mobile devices, bringing real-time gesture based gameplay to the mobile fighting game space. Instead of relying on screen-prompts and on-screen buttons, the game has players relying heavily on actual finger-technique and real-time dynamic reflexes instead of the way typical mobile fighting games play out, such as Infinity Blade or the recently released Pacific Rim game.

If you want to get in on the game and check it out at a discounted price courtesy of this year's Evolution fighting game tournament series currently underway, you can do so right now for the low, low price of $0.99. You can learn more about the title over on the iTunes app store page. Work fast, though, because the deal will only be good up to July 16th.

Up next are the deals and discounts for some spiffy gaming paraphernalia. As the image above indicates, you can grab a discount on the Mad Catz Soul Calibur V arcade fightstick, soul edition.

The accessory is currently chiseled down and hewn into a brand new price that levels out at the $80 point. You can grab the Mad Catz arcade fightstick for 20% off the original price. All you have to do is grab the coupon code EVO20, and use it during the checkout to get your very own fightstick and then you can start pretending to be a real-life EVO competitor in your bedroom, throwing out your own homemade crowd cheers and coming up with your own over-gesticulations. Heck, you won't need

Oh, so what do we have here? Last but not least is the arcade fight stick Versus Series that's available outside of Japan for the very first time... just as it says in the image. Now the real slick part about the Versus Series Silent Hit is that this fight pad lives up to its name 100%, enabling the most pro of pro players to unleash fists of fury without ever dropping a sound. It's like dropping a bunch of yuppies in an elevator after eating a bunch of chilli burritos without ever breaking sound.

The stick, along with a few other goodies being made available and being discounted during EVO 2013 are available right now over on the official Mad Catz EVO website.

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