Final Fantasy 6 Rated For PC

One of the most popular JRPGs from back in the 1990s is Square's Final Fantasy VI for the SNES. The game has lived on in time as one of the most beloved turn-based RPGs ever made. Well, it looks as if Square wants to squeeze just a few more coins out of the game by re-releasing it on PC.

The Pan European Game Information catalog now lists Final Fantasy VI as a game that's been rated PEGI 12 for release on PC. The only note by the game on the catalog is that it contains non-realistic looking violence towards human characters. I wonder if there were no human antagonists in the game would it read “it contains non-realistic looking violence towards non-human characters”? Anyway, the game actually sees you fighting more creatures, monsters, ghosts and non-human characters than human characters. Players can recruit more than 20 different characters in the game as they fight to save a world that eventually gets torn apart by a psychotic megalomaniac.

That megalomaniac, by the way, is one of the best parts of the game. Kefka, a cross between Joker and a Super Saiyan, is one of the series' best villains. He's so destructive and wicked throughout FF6 that you can't wait to take him down.

The interesting thing about it is that the PEGI system shows that Square's classic was originally due for release on November 26th on PC. However, that obviously didn't happen. FF6 is still one of very few games from the franchise still not on Steam.

This was also an issue before when the PEGI made a public record of Minecraft being rated for the Wii U, giving a release date as well. However, the game didn't come to fruition for whatever reason. Then again Nintendo could be waiting for some other opportune time that isn't Christmas... which makes no sense given that Christmas would be the perfect time to release the game.

In the case of Final Fantasy VI, while November 26th could have been a nice Black Friday gift for classic JRPG fans, it looks like it may arrive at some other date. Opposite of Minecraft being on the Wii U, there's really no rush to get the game out on PC since it's not like there is some ongoing competition between old-school, 16-bit JRPGs. If I had to guess, though, I would probably say that Final Fantasy VI might release on Steam some time before 2015 is out.

When a game is rated by the Australian classification board, the ESRB or PEGI, the title is due for release within the next few months of being rated. There are some rare exceptions, like Destructive Creations' Hatred, which was rated well before its release due to the controversy kicked up over the game.

For Final Fantasy VI, I would suspect that Square would likely want to release it to keep their Final Fantasy momentum going as they continue to re-release games from their back catalog leading up to the launch of Final Fantasy XV.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.