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One free game offering from Sony for the month of April on PlayStation Plus appears to have leaked early thanks to a notice being sent out from Sony about receiving a refund for the pre-orders of the space combat game Dead Star. Why are they handing out refunds for pre-orders on the PS4? Because the game is going to be free in April.

Shacknews is reporting that YouTuber BLAMdrew posted an image on Twitter indicating that refunds are being sent out to PlayStation Plus subscribers who pre-ordered Dead Star because the game will be free for said subscribers. The tweet was recently sent out with the refund notice.

It's an interesting way of confirming a game for the free PlayStation Plus line-up. However, it also makes a lot of sense given that it would be pretty scummy to take people's pre-order money for the game and then inform them that they're getting it for free. Letting people know up front that they're getting refunds and that the game is being handed out as part of the free PlayStation Plus content for the month of April keeps gamers from being blindsided by the news and have to scramble to cancel their pre-order.

Given all the previous complaints from PlayStation Plus subscribers about indie pixel games filling up the free quota each month, PS4 owners should feel slightly more relieved that a 3D multiplayer shooter like Dead Star is now part of the line-up.

The game itself has been in Early Access on Steam since late 2015 and is scheduled to launch in full on Steam with the release on PS4 in April. To be more exact, the Steam store page indicates that they will graduate from Early Access starting April 5th.

The game sports 10 vs 10 multiplayer deathmatch, along with the ability to level-up your space craft, loot new items and battle across procedurally generated deathmatch arenas. You can see what the game looks like with the trailer below.

Players will also have the ability to customize their space ship and give it a little bit of flair and personalization. It's even possible to level up and unlock a capital ship that can be brought into battle against other players. The fast-paced, physics based action has already netted Dead Star some fans in its Early Access phase, so I'm sure PlayStation Plus subscribers will take a liking to the game once it becomes available next month.

You can pick up an Early Access copy of Dead Star right now for $19.99 or if you're a PlayStation Plus subscriber you can look to get the game for free in April.

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