Tower defense game/first-person shoot hybrid, Sanctum 2 is set to get its first batch of DLC next week with the Road to Elysion pack coming to PC.

Currently available on Steam and the Xbox360, no word yet on when we can expect the Road to Elysion expansion for Microsoft’s home console. The Steam version of the content, however, will be available on June 26 for $3.99.

In Sanctum 2, the player sets up defensive towers to fend off the alien hordes attempting to destroy their precious oxygen-producing Cores. Once you’ve got all of your defenses in place, the player can then jump into the fray themselves, taking on the aliens directly in an FPS setting. There’s also room for up to four-player co-op. The Road to Elysion expansion will include a brand new chapter in the game’s story, as well as new weapons, towers and enhanced enemies.

Road to Elysion is the first of four planned expansions for Sanctum 2 and will help expand the game just like old-school titles from back in the day. You know, when expansion packs meant that the content was expanded and not just a quick collection of missions or side-missions in a two-hour DLC download? Yeah, that kind of expansion.

“The DLCs for Sanctum 2 will be much more substantial and larger compared to the DLCs for the first Sanctum,” said Coffee Stain Studios Lead Designer, Oscar Jilsen. “You will see new maps, enemies, perks, weapons, towers and even new playable characters once in a while. Our goal with the DLCs for Sanctum 2 is to add more replayability and more mind-blowing madness for our biggest fans.”

If you’re one of said “biggest fans,” then you might want to just fork over $11.99 when the Road to Elysion expansion becomes available to purchase the season pass instead. If you’ve yet to dive into the game proper, you can pick it up now for $11.99 on Steam.

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