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On November 24th, Epic Games will release a free downloadable content pack for Gears of War 3. The "Versus Booster Map Pack" adds five more maps for online play.

The new maps include "Swamp" and "Clocktower", two old favorites from the first Gears. The other three are the new maps from the "Horde Command Pack: Azura, Rustlung, and Blood Drive. All maps will be available on public matchmaking via dedicated servers.

Why buy the Horde Command Pack on November 1st if they're going to give you the maps free a few weeks later? Well, "Horde Command" doesn't just add maps. It also unlocks new fortification upgrades for Horde mode, weapons skins, and playable characters. Additionally, the DLC provides 250G of Achievements for you to attain.

The "Versus Booster" DLC is sandwiched between the release dates of "Horde Command" as well as upcoming campaign DLC "RAAM’s Shadow." "Shadow," due on December 13th, is a 3+ hour experience set before the events of the first game.

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