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Fuse Trailer Showcases Lethal Teamwork

Insomniac Games unveiled the first gameplay trailer for their multiplatform shooter Fuse today. It shows off some of the features that may help it stand out in the crowded shooter genre.

In Fuse, players take control of a squad of four agents. Each has distinct abilities and weapons at their disposal. For example, Dalton Brooks can deploy an energy shield to ward off enemy attacks. Isabelle Sinclair uses a Shattergun to freeze her enemies in place, making them easy pickings. These characters will earn new abilities as they proceed through the campaign.

The key to success is using the agents' different capabilities in tandem. If you're playing alone instead of with three friends, you'll still be able to do this. The game lets you switch between characters at will in solo play.

The trailer only gives a small sample of the special abilities these characters can unleash. It's tough to gauge the depth of the progression system or how much strategy will be involved in the game's battles. The game's worth will ultimately be measured on both counts.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.