GTA 5 Creators Sued By Lindsay Lohan

Last year's report that Lindsay Lohan planned to sue GTA 5 studio Rockstar Games turned out to be true. Today she filed a lawsuit against Rockstar in a Manhattan court.

Lohan's lawsuit says that GTA 5 depicts her voice, image and clothing line without her permission. It also points out that the game features Lohan's former home, the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood.

When rumors of her lawsuit began, everyone assumed that she thought Poppy Mitchell was based on her. Mitchell is a romantic comedy star who becomes famous for misbehavior like drunk driving and filming a sex tape. One of her DUI's lands her in jail.

However, Lohan's suit says that her GTA 5 doppleganger is Lacey Jonas. Jonas, a rival of Poppy, is another actress plagued by paparazzi that players help out in optional side missions. She's anoxeric and frequently mocked by the press for this. Jonas also mentions that she cut herself off from her parents and spent a fortune trying to remove her regional accent. Here's some footage featuring her:

Both Lacey Jonas and Poppy Mitchell have some basic similarities to Lindsay Lohan. Neither of them are that close of a match, though. Plus, you can argue the details of these characters fit a number of other young actresses who were warped by fame and riches. It's a Hollywood cliche at this point.

The other rumored pillar of the lawsuit was that Rockstar ripped off Lohan's image for the game's box art, which depicts a blonde girl in a bikini taking a selfie. The AP report on the suit filed today doesn't mention this allegation, though. Maybe Lohan's lawyers did a Google search and realized that the girl in the bikini was directly based on professional model Shelby Welinder,

Rockstar Games has yet to issue a reply to Lohan's suit. However, I imagine it will be nearly identical to their response to Karen Gravano's lawsuit from earlier this year. Gravano, former star of reality show Mob Wives, said that Rockstar had ripped off her life story and likeness for a GTA 5 character. The studio responded by saying that life stories aren't protected by copyright and that the creator of a fictional work can't be sued "merely because the actual experiences of the living person had been similar to the acts and events so narrated." Gravano's lawsuit is still pending.

It's unclear how much money Lohan is seeking in her lawsuit. Gravano asked for $40 million from Rockstar, though, and there's no reason Lohan can't be just as optimistic. I mean, she's got basically zero chance of winning so why not shoot the moon?

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.