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Need something to spice up your boring, average, every day Grand Theft Auto play? You need Iron Man's Hulkbuster armor, of course.

LioN KoLLA, a YouTuber who spent some time with modder JulioNIB's massive creation, took to Rockstar Editor to make a montage of what you can do with the armor.

I'm not a Marvel fan, or even interested in Iron Man personally, but being able to trudge around in Grand Theft Auto V in this big, ridiculous suit of armor still looks pretty fun.  Watch as the Hulkbuster armor-clad character picks up SUVs, throws them into helicopters, and watches them ricochet away moments before zooming up to the helicopter itself and blowing it up.

Then he smashes right into a police car, wreaking more havoc as the cops and army soldiers that have rolled up try their best to keep him from harming them, but it's all over then a cop is thrown right under a police car. SWAT members are tossed about like rag dolls like they're no kind of threat at all. All this set to some of the cheesiest, generic rock I've ever heard in my entire life.

I guess it's still pretty cool, though. What's really impressive is the capability of the Rockstar Editor, which is available to players on PC. Using the Rockstar Editor allows players to create, edit, and share their own custom videos made within Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. It's got a lion's share of customization options so you can create your own "films" within the game, using filters, music, different camera placement, and more. While you can't film footage when you're playing in the first-person view, you can capture pretty much everything else. This short film from LioN KoLLA demonstrates more of the editor's capabilities within GTA as well.

The freedom of Rockstar Editor is a lot like using Garry's Mod to make ridiculous scenes and then film them, which is something I've spent a lot of time doing. Except it's not nearly as well-integrated. I haven't personally played around with Rockstar Editor too much to see if it's as fun as this little clip makes it appear, but there's no doubt that it's still engaging to roll around the city in this overpowered armor. There are tons of other clips online just like this one that you can find, but this one just all seems to fit together. What do you generally do with creation tools like this one?

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