Grand Theft Auto 5 Players Can Now Become Iron Man

A script and model mod for Iron Man is being worked on by a popular modder in the scene known as JulioNIB. He's done some previously high-profile work before when it comes to modding GTA V (such as implementing the Just Cause 2 grappling hook into the game) but now he's elevating his game with the ability to fly around and blow stuff up as Iron Man.

The GTA X Scripting channel tossed up a work-in-progress video of Julio's Iron Man mod that you can check out below.

The mod works in two parts. There's a custom model and a custom script. The script is available right now for download. It allows players to fire the repulsor ray from Iron Man's hand and chest, as well as utilize his wrist rockets for long range damage.

The propulsion system allows him to float and hover for targeted damage, or can fly at turbo speeds just like in the movie.

There's super strength so he can knock around cars or blast bad guys into the air, and he even has a neat sliding rocket-punch just like in the movie.

But I think the most important part about all of this is the custom model.

For those of you who have been following the GTA V modding scene, you may know that Rockstar has the game locked down real tight. Importing custom models has been a difficult challenge for modders because of Rockstar's encryption. The OpenIV team are the ones leading the charge when it comes to modding, and the ScriptHookV team are leading the charge when it comes to script mods.

However, somehow JulioNIB has managed to import a custom model but he doesn't readily say how.

Importing models is the one thing that has a lot of modders stumped and if Julio was able to bypass OpenIV to do so, I'm sure a lot of gamers would love to know how.

In the YouTube description page for the Iron Man mod he doesn't say how this was made possible, only that the model is still a work in a progress and that the script for the Iron Man V mod is available right now over on his NIB Modz website.

I'm not sure what sort of wizardry Julio pulled off to make this possible, but he's using an Iron Man 2 model from silviuq12. You can grab a glimpse of the model over on the TF3dm page. The model is a rip from the Sega game based on the movie Iron Man 2.

The most common question is: will this open the doorway for more model imports in GTA V or is this a one-off case? And, of course, how did Julio get the custom model into the game? I'm sure we'll get answers to these questions soon enough.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.