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GTA 5 Mod Turns The Game Into Mario Kart

Mods for GTA V are finally getting to the point where we're seeing the creative boundaries get pushed to the limits and some really cool stuff is starting to emerge now that mesh imports, model swaps, custom textures and original geometry can be modded into the game. All of that is to say that Mario Kart maps are being implemented into GTA V.

Kotaku picked up the news from over on GTA5-Mods where user MrVicho13 uploaded a fully working and converted map of Yoshi Valley from Mario Kart 8 into GTA V. Check out the video below from DayL.

It takes just about an entire minute to run a lap on the course. The rip from Ray Koopa is magnificent, as all of the light maps actually work within the RAGE, and they've been adjusted to properly reflect the light and shadow maps rendered in GTA V. Some of you who regularly download maps for the previous GTA titles might have noticed how either the shaders were off or the shadows weren't baked properly during the conversion or the light maps were removed altogether, making them look pretty terrible. In this case, the Yoshi Valley map from the N64 version of Mario Kart, remade in Mario Kart 8 and ported to GTA V, actually looks really good.

What's more is that the graphical fidelity of the map actually matches GTA V a lot better than I thought. Also, driving outside the map there's nothing really out there but empty space and some incomplete mountains. However, for the mountains and objects that are there, the modding team ensured that they actually have collision maps. I'm very, very impressed with that.

If the above video makes it a little difficult to get an idea of how the track might play out with normal vehicles, there's another video from taltigolt that gives you a look at racing around the track in a little mini.

If you're not too keen on Yoshi Valley being much of a draw for racing, don't worry because MrVicho13 will be porting in additional maps from Mario Kart 8 to GTA V.

You will need the FiveM mod to play the map, but given that Take-Two games had the multiplayer mods forcibly shutdown via private investigators and threats of legal action, you won't be able to play the imported Mario Kart 8 maps online with other players. You can play them alone, though. Tough break for anyone looking to replicate the Mario Kart 8 online experience in GTA.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.