GTA 5 Mod Unleashes Meteor Shower

Modders continue to push the boundaries on GTA V, despite what limitations and roadblocks are set in front of them by continuous mod-blocking updates from Rockstar. One of the more ambitious new mods that works with the latest update is a Armageddon meteor shower mod from the always reliable JulioNIB.

There's a video of the meteor shower in action over on JulioNIB's YouTube channel that you can check out below.

The meteors crashing into the ground are devastating and deadly. It only takes one good hit to completely wreck a player or their vehicle. It's impressive seeing them fall from above, especially the way the lightning lights up the sky and gives gamers a nice, bright view of all the action.

Things get a lot clearer once Julio hops into a plane and proceeds to fly up into the sky. Of course, it should go without saying that flying in the sky while meteors shower down from the heavens is not the smartest move. If you're wondering how susceptible aerial vehicles are to the fiery destruction of the meteor showers, look no further than the 3:25 mark on the video above to see exactly what happens when a meteor crashes directly into the plane. The physics of that crash are amazing. The plane's damage and explosive results are a satisfying and devastating mix of entertainment.

The mod is perfect for gamers who want to mimic the destructive flavors found in most of Roland Emmerich's Hollywood disaster movies. You can grab the mod from over on JulioNIB's official website. You will need the latest version of the Script Hook V to run the script mod.

The script itself is rather tiny since it doesn't actually add any new assets to the game. It just utilizes what's already in the game. You can grab the 614KB file to get started. You will also need the Script Hook V Dot Net from Crosire in addition to the Script Hook V from Alexander Blade. Julio provides instructions on installing his scripts for GTA V over on a tutorial page.

Some of you might remember his name from some fairly high profile mods previously released for Rockstar's open-world action game. Julio was responsible for the first properly working version of the GTA V grapple mod, as well as the Iron Man mod with working repulsor rays and flying mechanics.

Many of his mods are carry-overs from GTA IV, which were just as popular when they released a few years ago.

Things have been a bit rough in the GTA V modding space due to Rockstar putting in a lot of security measures in order to protect GTA Online. Take-Two Interactive even went as far as sending out private investigators to shut down the GTA V multiplayer mods. A real shame.

Thankfully the scripting scene is still strong and we're seeing a lot of great stuff come out of the modding community.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.