GTA 5's Alternative Multiplayer Has Shut Down

If you've been one of the gamers tired of all the microtransaction limitations and rule-sets laid down in GTA Online by Rockstar, and you wanted to experience something a bit more free-form like the FiveM or GTA-MP multiplayer mods, you're in for a rude awakening: They've been ordered to shut down.

Blues compiles the data from a couple of different sources, noting that Take-Two Interactive has practically demanded that the alternative multiplayer mods for GTA V shut down.

Over on the website the developer explains and takes up for Take-Two Interactive having the mod shut down, writing...

If we would have continued, they could have sued us, and maybe we even could have made the gameplay experience for GTA:5 and GTA:O worse (as Rockstar might just stop GTA:O updates). A lot of people stated that Rockstar and Take2 could have worked with us together and improved the GTA:Online experience, but obviously they have enough employees to care about GTA:5 and GTA:O, we are just developers who love to mod. If you have a successful game and you have a lot of plans for the future, do you want that a 3rd party modification destroys your plans and maybe ruins your work which is already work in progress? We do not think so.

The news about FiveM and GTA-MP being requested to shut down has not set well with the gaming community at all. Both multiplayer mods do not use GTA 5's code but are operated and built from the ground up with their own source. However, Rockstar simply does not want competition to GTA Online from modded, separate, private multiplayer servers.

The reason it's competition is because first off the modded MP servers allow players to play LAN or peer-to-peer without any hiccups or interruptions. The servers also allow gamers to play with each other with modded content on custom servers. At the moment you will be banned if you attempt to play with modded content on Rockstar's official GTA Online servers.

In GTA IV Rockstar enabled the online mode to allow gamers with modded content to play with one another and gamers without modded content could play with one another. At the moment no one is allowed to play with others using modded content, not even using private or custom servers, like in the case of FiveM or GTA-MP.

It's a major problem for gamers who just wanted to enjoy the game. Rockstar going out of their way to ensure that people can't have fun seems to really go against the nature of gaming. It's also funny because GTA IV only stayed as big as it did because of mods, but Rockstar hasn't been as accommodating to them as some other companies. It's the complete opposite approach that Bethesda has taken with games like Fallout 4, where they encourage modders to get creative with the game and expand on the concepts they've implemented.

The GTA-MP developers have asked gamers not to be angry at Rockstar and that without them we wouldn't have GTA V. They also state that they don't want modded multiplayer servers to disrupt Take-Two's GTA Online operations.

However, a counterpoint to that is this: it's a free market and non-infringing code allowing people to play GTA V online with others opens that market up so people can decide which servers they would rather play on. If people prefer playing with mods and modded content then that's their choice. Realistically Rockstar could have simply made the options available to gamers but they didn't... modders did.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.