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GTA 5 Mod Unleashes Reaper From Mass Effect

Grand Theft Auto 5's mods are getting more and more elaborate. The latest creation from the community introduces a Reaper from Mass Effect to the game.

Unlike the real Reaper, the Reaper mod won't try to wipe out all sentient life on Earth or the rest of the galaxy. Instead, the mod is essentially a blimp with a different model and textures. If you climb inside, you'll find the standard blimp cockpit.

Mod creator JJxORACLE says that there are some lingering issues to work out. Occasionally the Reaper will disappear altogether. While in flight, its legs will drag along the ground. JJxORACLE also says that the Reaper doesn't have collision yet so you can fly right through it.

That said, the Reaper really looks great. I'll bet flying it around is a huge power trip. Seeing it hovering above Los Santos really gives you a sense of how huge those things are, too. I hope modders can build on JJxORACLE's creation and incorporate it into gameplay. It would be pretty great if we could unleash one of the Reaper's death lasers on the city.

The same modder is also working on some smaller Mass Effect additions to GTA 5. He's introduced several of the futuristic weapons from that series into the game. For example, here's Trevor wielding an M-8 Avenger:

M-8 Avenger in Grand Theft Auto 5

GTA 5 modders have been made some huge strides over the past few months. PC gamers can now wear Iron Man's armor, become Superman, or flood the entire city. This flood of interesting mods reminds us why so many people wanted a PC version in the first place.

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