GTA 5 Tsunami Mod Puts Los Santos Underwater

One of the latest community creations for GTA V is a tsunami mod that completely floods Los Santos. The mod is pretty cool as far as atmosphere and interactivity is concerned because it completely changes how people venture about Los Santos.

Various videos have been going around of the flooded city and the tsunami mod that gives the whole game a completely different feel. One of the videos from MkElite does a fine job of showing off what GTA V looks like replicating the 1995 Kevin Costner film, Water World.

Speaking of Water World... with a few character swaps, clothing changes and vehicular modifications, we really could see a legitimate total conversion mod for GTA V that puts gamers in the iconic post-apocalyptic water world.

And while we're on the topic of total conversions... some of you might be wondering why the mods so far have all been script-related and why we aren't seeing Superman or Iron Man or The Hulk running around and tearing things up in Los Santos. Well, they're coming.

For right now, the one thing that modders were able to get up and running first and foremost were the .asi scripts for GTA V. These .asi scrips carried over from the native trainer that was present in GTA IV. Script Hook V allows you to download and easily install scripts for the single-player portion of GTA V, giving gamers the ability to have fun and mess around with things like the tsunami mod above. And by the way, the night time thunderstorms with the tsunami mod look absolutely amazing; combining that with the whale song echoing throughout the flooded city shows just how awesome GTA V can be from an atmospheric and aesthetic point of view.

On the up and up, if the script mods aren't impressing you all that much, don't sweat it because more than just the scripts are on the way.

The OpenIV team have managed to crack Rockstar's encryption and are now allowing for model swaps to happen, along with variable configuration data files to be modified, this includes custom weapon stats and vehicle handling modifications.

If you're thinking that exciting times are ahead for the modding scene in GTA V, you're thinking on the right path.

More mods will slowly start spilling out that push the boundaries and limits of the RAGE technology and we'll soon see what GTA V is truly capable of. I don't know how well the OpenIV script can be manipulated for someone like Hayssam Keilany can make use of it for the iCEnhancer but preliminary pre-alpha builds of the iCEnhancer are already going out. It won't be long until we're seeing a lot more than just tsunami mods flooding the scene for Rockstar's open world action game on PC.

You can pick up a digital copy of the game right now for $59.99. Rockstar has also opened up a recent video editing contest for Wavve's “Leave”. Unfortunately if you were planning on using the tsunami mod to help you in making the video Rockstar isn't keen on people using third-party software to help out with the video, so you'll just have to settle for playing with the tsunami in your own spare time.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.