GTA 5 Online Heists Won't Be Expanding Anytime Soon

Hope you're happy playing the current set of online heists in GTA 5. Rockstar says that they won't be adding any more heists in the near future.

"For those asking for more Heists, please understand that Grand Theft Auto Online Heists were a tremendous undertaking so it’s not the sort of thing where we can easily create and publish additional Heists like other Job modes and missions," the company said in a Q&A published today on Rockstar Newswire. "We are, however, working on other cool updates for GTA Online that you can expect over the coming months."

It took Rockstar a year and a half to release the first five heists. It's understandable, then, that Rockstar would need a lot of time to build more. However, their statement doesn't sound very promising. They don't even promise extra heists or say when we can expect them. If they're making more heists, we're not going to see them for a long time.

The next batch of content coming to GTA 5's multiplayer sounds like a more traditional update, with new vehicles and cars for players to buy.

"Beyond the many new vehicles and items that arrived to GTA Online as part of Heists, we are also working on another update coming soon that will feature some very cool new toys for you to enjoy and flaunt with your ill-gotten gains."

They provided a screenshot of a sports car and ornate pistol that will be part of the new update:

Screenshot from GTA 5's next update

PS4 and Xbox One owners, meanwhile, can look forward to getting the Rockstar Editor. These movie-making tools debuted exclusively with the PC version last month. Rockstar says they're currently designing a special version of the Rockstar Editor for new-gen consoles that should arrive this summer "or as soon as it's ready." The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions will miss out on the toolset though because it requires too much processing power.

All consoles will also be getting another feature that launched with the PC version: The Lab FM. This radio station includes 13 new tracks, many of which use modified versions of songs from GTA 5's original score. The songs range from hip-hop to indie rock to electronica.

While Rockstar sounds like they've got a lot of additional updates planned for GTA 5, the Xbox 360 and PS3 may eventually miss out on some of them.

"We always knew there might be a point where we would reach the technical capacity of what the older generation of consoles can handle as each downloadable update requires additional memory both for assets and for additional scripting. We have continued to optimize the entire game over time in order to squeeze as much memory as we possibly could out of the last-generation hardware and at some point, continuing to add content for those systems could cause the risk of instability to the game overall."

"As of now, we are planning on releasing the next big content update for all five systems and we will continue to squeeze as much as we possibly can onto them."

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.