GTA 5 Online Rooftop Rumble Video Shows The Best Strategy To Earn Cash

Rooftop Rumble has become one of the most popular GTA Online missions because it's a great source of money and Reputation Points. A new video posted by a player shows a quick and easy way to complete the mission.

In Rooftop Rumble, Martin hires players to steal documents from a group of criminals in a parking garage. They must then take the documents to a drop zone. In the past, players could just blow up the criminals and documents in one fell swoop to win the mission. Doing so now ends the mission in failure, though. Another important thing to note is that you have to be level 75 to host the mission.

The optimal strategy, as this video (via Reddit) shows, is to just pistol-whip everyone. As long as you knock out an enemy and anyone standing right next to them in a short span of time, none of the other criminals in the garage raise the alarm. This allows you to just bash group after group without any problems. Hurray for dumb artificial intelligence!

The two players in the video get in and out of the garage in under thirty seconds. Furthermore, they didn't have to spend any money on explosives, body armor or any other equipment that might cut into their profits. After grabbing the documents, they head to a sports car so they can zoom off to the extraction point. It nets them a cool $18,000 on Hard - not bad for a pair of half-naked criminals

The video's creator notes that you don't need to replicate their strategy exactly. You can cut down on the travel time to the extraction by calling Merryweather for a helicopter. While the video shows two players pulling off the mission, you only need one.

Playing a mission over and over to collect money doesn't appeal to everyone. Maybe that's why there are so many players intent on finding exploits that duplicate vehicles or freeze their money supply so they can buy whatever they want. However, Rockstar bans or segregates cheaters regularly so you might not want to go this route.

Players will soon have good use for all of their GTA Online cash. Next week Rockstar will release the High Life Update, which adds several luxury vehicles to the game along with new wardrobe options and a Bullpup Rifle. The DLC also introduces luxury apartments while allowing players to own multiple properties for the same time.

Rockstar is hoping to stave off players' boredom with new activities, too. The High Life Update will add 15 Jobs to the game. Later this spring they also plan to introduce online heists to the game.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.