GTA IV's Back To The Future Mod Can Travel To Western Times

One of the biggest complaints about a time-traveling modification for Grand Theft Auto IV was that you couldn't actually travel to different time zones. The designer/modder in me was furious that people would make such silly requests, and like other nerds of a certain type, I was usually quick to point out the “impossibility” of actually traveling in time in GTA IV because of the amount of scripting work and additional asset streamlining required.

However, like many naysayers out there humbled by the pure genius of the modding community, I can only hang my head in shame for being so off the mark, as the Back to the Future mod collaborators have actually managed to make it where you can travel to different time zones with the mod. It is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most insane thing I've seen for Grand Theft Auto. So yes, you can travel from GTA IV to Red Dead Redemption. Stand up and give the modders a hand.

The original Back to the Future mod for GTA IV garnered massive praise from gamers and non-gamers alike. The video trailer showcasing the mod was also put together in such a slick way that it left many people breathless with excitement. However, now that the mod can actually travel through time, I'm completely geeked out on all the possibilities this now opens up for a total conversion Back to the Future mod for GTA IV. Can you imagine? Iron Man traveling in time?!

People can say what they will about PC and piracy, but the modding scene more than makes up for it and Rockstar would be absolutely off their rocker if they decided not to make a well-optimized version of GTA V for PC.

You can download this updated Back to the Future mod right now from the GTA Gaming website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.