GTA IV Multiplayer Server Mod Allows For 128 Player Mayhem

A new multiplayer server mod has launched with a client/server setup to allow for a total of 128 players all jam packed into one game. Can you imagine the mayhem? Can you imagine the destruction? Can you imagine all the unadulterated fun?

The mod comes courtesy of a team running multiv-mod and their initial alpha went public back in late July. They've recently made some changes and added a public FAQ so those of you curious about how this whole operation works and what's required to get the multiplayer mod up and running on your copy of Grand Theft Auto IV.

Even though there have been some updates, the multiplayer server mod hasn't gone public just yet. There are still some internal testing measures taking place and presumably some safeguard against hackers being put in place, otherwise we're looking at a DayZ scenario all over again.

So what's the difference between this multiplayer mod and what's available in the vanilla version of the game? Well, other than taking the 32-player limit and turning it on its head so that up to 128 players can hop into Liberty City and do whatever it is they enjoy doing.

This kind of community made multiplayer modification isn't inherently new to GTA IV. Many gamers might remember that Just Cause 2 has been in the spotlight frequently thanks to the free multiplayer mod that allows for up to 1,000 people to head to the scattered islands of Panau and partake in deadly limousine races or fly dump-trucks across the ocean like a boss.

There are also light means of getting a multiplayer mod to work for Sleeping Dogs, but it's coming along very, very, very slowly.

So far, PC gamers will have something to keep them pretty busy while they wait anxiously... patiently... pensively for the release of Grand Theft Auto V on PC (or next-gen consoles). And while console gamers will be losing all manner of control over bodily fluids while playing GTA V come September 17th, PC gamers will have to settle for the carnage of a modded out GTA IV while playing online with 127 other gamers.

Hopefully, someone will play as Iron Man and someone will play as the hulk, and someone else can play as Captain America, and a few other people will take on the roles of the Justice League and then we can finally see a Marvel versus DC Universe battle right proper. That's not to mention you can have like 100 other people playing as peds or cops or robbers. Oh man, can you imagine a Garry's Mod style role-play server for GTA IV? That would be pretty sick.

If the GTA IV multiplayer mod has your interest feel free to learn more over on the official website. You can also check out a multiplayer race video below to help whet your appetite for MMO-sized multiplayer carnage.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.