GTA IV's iCEnhancer 3.0 Creator Takes Time Off Due To Trolls, Haters

The internet is a mistress you can never please. The reality of that aphorism hits home harder for some more than others, as the creator of the iCEnhancer visual modification (based on Boris Vorontsov's ENB shader enhancement mod) has decided to take his leave from the internet modding community, for now.

DSO Gaming is reporting that Hayssam Keilany, better known to many games as “Ice Laglace”, decided enough was enough.

The modder went on his Facebook page to address the gaming community at large, stating the following in a post...

“Thanks to the people who downloaded and appreciated 3.0, glad you like it. Now to other people as they seriously are making me pissed, and yeah, even If I ignore as much as I can, some of them are really pissing me off with their total non-sense and bullshit about 3.0. And i'm mostly talking about the GTA IV community, the modders, the ENB modders.“

Keilany is picking up a lot of hate from within the community because some of them feel as if he isn't paying proper respect to Boris, the guy who originally got the visual modification ball rolling for many games out there. In fact, most games mods that contain visual shader enhancements are usually based on the ENB series created by Boris Vorontsov, a Russian modder who has been dabbling with the shader mods for quite some time (dating as far back as Half-Life 2 and GTA: San Andreas).

Some of the haters and trolls felt as if Keilany was using his “internet fame” to milk promotion for his mod, and considering that hundreds of people out there have their own modded version of ENB, they blamed him for their mods not being more popular. Keilany stated that...

“My ENB is famous and not yours because you think I'm whoring myself to media? Too bad, it's not the case. I uploaded a video on Youtube, put it public, posted the link on FB. Said Enjoy, and i was fucking done. but whatever.”

To be fair, Hayssam never once reached out to us; more than anything we went looking for whatever it was he was doing.

ENB modifications isn't his only pastime. Keilany is also well respected for helping make massive headway in real-time path-tracing becoming a playable reality. For those of you who don't know, he's been working with the team on the path-tracing graphics technology called the Brigade Engine.

You may remember some brief write-ups about the Brigade and its ability to render ray-trace quality scenes at playable frame-rates – up to 30 consistent frames per second, in fact.

Nevertheless, Keilany closes out his rant with the following...

“So yep, that's it. At every release it's the same, since 1.2. People spitting on me, my work, everything I do just because people know me or whatever. that's always nice -cough-. I spent days, weeks, months doing 3.0, released it because I thought people would like it and stuff. If you don't then i'm sorry, but it's how I like my GTA.“I'm going to release the installer and downgrader then i'm done for a while. Thanks to the people who supported me and stuff, you guys are cool. No thanks for the guys trying to bring me down constantly. You guys did it after 4 years, I give up on haters.”

At least iCEnhancer 3.0 managed to make it to the public before he decided to take his leave. On the upside, it makes GTA IV look leagues better than GTA V.

You can download the latest iCEnhancer mod right now from the official Ice Laglace website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.