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If that long list of rumored features for GTA V seemed too good to be true, it's because they were. New information has surfaced debunking those rumors, some of which seemed too grandiose for current-gen consoles anyway.

A reader notified us that the forum poster who claimed to be a staff at Future Publishing’s UK publication, PlayStation Magazine, has come forward and admitted that the less-than-impressive hoax was just that. Before the forum poster came clean, Future’s editor-in-chief, Timothy Clark, tweeted that “Just to make super clear, that 'journalist' with the GTA insider 'info' sure as shit doesn't work for either of Future's PlayStation mags."

The post, over at the GTA Forums keeps it sweet and simple, saying…”I made it all up…”

Some of the features in the list of rumored content for Grand Theft Auto V sounded a little too outlandish for current-gen systems. And some of those features just weren’t adding up, like driving 15 minutes to travel around the outskirts of the city, or that Los Santos was magically going to be four times bigger than Liberty City from GTA IV, presumably making the game range somewhere within the 20+ GB territory, which is well outside the limitations of the Xbox 360’s DVD9 capabilities.

Nevertheless, it’s not entirely improbable that some of those fabricated features from the popularity-deficient forum poster might make it into the game. And I least have to give the pathetic noob props for having the guts to post some of that stuff up there, knowing full well that he’ll probably be hated for the rest of his life and will be hunted by trolls across the interwebz for the remainder of his days.

Now that poor kid will never be able to enjoy Grand Theft Auto without being haunted by the fact that his troll failed, he'll always be a virgin, and the only thing that came out of it was a bunch of hits for gaming websites that didn’t have anything else noteworthy to report over the weekend. This just goes to show you, kids…trolling doesn’t pay.

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