Tomorrow Microsoft's controller-free technology Kinect will hit stores in North America. GameStop plans to mark the occasion with special launch events.

Tonight, GameStop will hold midnight launches at over 2,000 locations throughout the U.S.. They'll re-open at 10 PM local time for launch-night activities. Pre-order customers will be able to pick up their Kinect unit when the clock strikes midnight.

However, Kinect appeals to more casual gamers who don't feel like hanging around game shops after dark. With that in mind, GameStop will be holding launch events this Saturday as well. From 1-4 PM local time, 330 GameStop locations will allow customers to demo Kinect Adventures, Kinect Joy Ride and Dance Central.

GameStop's website has a list of locations for the midnight launch and demo events. Punch in your zip code and you'll be shown a list of the closest, participating GameStop stores.

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