Gamer Buys Fallout 4 With 2,240 Bottle Caps

Fallout 4 was recently pre-ordered by a gamer who managed to pick up a copy with 2,240 bottle caps. He received his copy because he was the first to do so and Bethesda acknowledged his dedication to the craft.

PC Gamer is reporting that a young lad named Seth decided to pay Bethesda in bottlecaps for a copy of Fallout 4. It was 11.2 pounds worth of bottle caps he had been saving, and doing so for more than seven years.

Seth mentions on an Imgur post that Fallout 3 was his favorite game and that shipping all those bottle caps to Bethesda was a pricy venture.

Seth wrote a letter to Bethesda, wondering if the caps would cover the cost of the pre-order for Fallout 4, stating...

If it's not already obvious, I'm a pretty big fan of the series. Needless to say, I got pretty excited when I started seeing more and more about Fallout 4. I've also noticed you're now accepting preorders. I only saw prices listed in pre-war dollars, and I wasn't exactly sure what the exchange-rate is these days, so I went ahead and sent everything I've been able to save since I played Fallout 3 for the first time. Using my bathroom scale and a number I found on Wikipedia, I'm thinking this is somewhere in the range of 2,240 caps. That ought to cover it, right?

And it did cover it.

The global community lead at Bethesda Softworks, Matt Grandstaff, responded with a post acknowledging that he received Seth's box full of bottle caps.

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Seth managed to make a follow-up post on Imgur to express his gratitude and happiness for exchanging bottle caps for a $60 game.

In a series of images and text, Seth stated...

He told me since I was the first person to do this, I would be receiving a copy of the game this November, and that he would be running my caps over to deposit them at the People's Bank of Point Lookout.Anyway, I just wanted to say "thank you" to everyone who helped in making this happen.

Don't think that you can start scrapping together whatever you can in your house or your dirty old bedroom and think that shipping it across the country (or the world) to Bethesda will net you a copy of Fallout 4. That's not to mention that sending Bethesda a working Pip-Boy is likely going to cost you more than just putting down $60 to buy the game when it launches this November.

This is more like a one-off event of a dedicated fan showing how much they love Fallout 3 and Bethesda showing how much they respect this fan's dedication by taking the bottle caps in exchange for a copy of Fallout 4. It's also worth noting that the price Seth likely had to pay in shipping was likely more than what he would have had to pay for a legitimate copy of Fallout 4 had he just waited and bought the game when it released.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.