We've talked about Gas Guzzlers: Combat Racing briefly before here at Gaming Blend, the Desura-hosted title from Gamepires is an indie project that's looking to broaden horizons and potential sales on Valve's digital distribution service. The game has recently joined the Steam Greenlight platform to receive some upvotes and perhaps one day fulfill the dream of becoming a legit addition to the Steam store's library.

Gas Guzzlers is a top-end 3D arcade combat-racer. It sports highly customizable sports cars that can be outfitted with sexy liveries, sparkling colors and decals as well as the latest in metal shredding, tire ripping, road destroying weaponry. Check it out in the trailer below.

The game caters to road-hungry, tire-burning arcade racers looking for more than 150 miles of track to tear throw, five different events to overcome, 12 different weapons to master and 15 different vehicles whose powers you must harness. The game also actually lets you play offline single-player (which seems to be disappearing in a lot of games), online multiplayer and even multiplayer via LAN. Old-school gaming at its finest.

If Gas Guzzlers looks like the kind of game you'd like to add to your Steam library then be sure to vote the game up on the Steam Greenlight...remember, all it takes is a single single click to vote and unlike politics the changes can actually benefit you. Visit the Official Gas Guzzlers Steam Greenlight Page for more information.

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